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About Dehong

Dehong's vision is to create the best Chinese schools for Chinese students, so that our students can make a positive difference for China in the future.

In this era of rapid development, China is leading in many areas and its influence on the world is undeniable. With a strong pioneering spirit, we provide high quality progressive education, experienced cross-cultural teaching teams, and school facilities that meet the needs of students’ development in line with our future facing educational concept. We aim to ensure that everyone in our schools develops both physically and mentally.

It is our mission to enable our students to make a positive difference for China. We provide our students with opportunities to build their confidence and we offer experiences to help them understand and have a sense of belonging in their community, their country and the planet.

All Dehong staff adhere to our guiding principles: Students come first, One Family of Schools, Pioneering Spirit and we ensure that these principles shape our decisions and actions every single day. The Dehong's curriculum is a collaborative framework which provides a well-balanced programme encompassing both the Chinese compulsory curriculum and leading educational concepts and methodologies. We aspire to provide high quality education to our students. Our ambition is that every Dehong student is instilled with a sense of pride for their national culture whilst benefitting from a holistic curriculum that advocates the importance of developing different perspectives.

Shanghai Dehong
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Shanghai Dehong is a Chinese owned School offering a 12-year education to Chinese nationals. It is located in the Qizhong villa area of Maqiao, Minhang District, Shanghai, and opened its doors on 1 September 2017. Dehong Shanghai is the 1st Dehong school in the family. Mr. Jon Fei, former Deputy Principal of Suzhou High School province and Principal of Suzhou Lida School, is the founding Principal of Dehong Shanghai.


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Beijing Dehong
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Dehong Beijing International Chinese School is the 2nd Dehong school in China and opened in September 2019. The capacity of Dehong Beijing is 1800 students and 400 boarders. The campus is located in the Grassetown, Tongzhou District of north Beijing. Ms. April Zhou, former Vice Principal and Executive Principal of the International Division of Beijing No.2 High School, is the founding Principal of Dehong Beijing.

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Xi’an Dehong
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Dehong Xi'an School is the 3rd Dehong school in China and opened in September 2019. The campus is located in the Qujiang New District of Xi'an. As a Grade 1-12 School, with a capacity for 6-forms of entry, the campus facilities will be for 2,000 students and its boarding houses will enable over 500 students to reside within the campus in the near future. Ms. Lily Liu, former Vice Principal of Xi'an Gaoxin No. 1 Middle School, is the founding Principal of Dehong Xi'an.


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Our Sister Schools

Dulwich College International School
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Nearly 400 years after Elizabethan actor Edward Alleyn founded Dulwich College, a boys’ school in London, Fraser White and Karen Yung began looking for a school in Shanghai that would provide for their three young children. They wanted a challenging and ambitious education that would prepare their children for the future, moulding them into confident and well-rounded young people. Beyond academics, they wanted a school community with the open-mindedness and doughtiness bred of international experience, a strong co-curricular programme and the grounding provided by venerable British educational traditions.  

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