Visual & Performing Arts

At Dehong, we offer a holistic education designed to give our students the skills they will need for a successful, purposeful and fulfilling life. As part of this we are committed to providing an outstanding arts programme. The vibrant, diverse arts culture in our schools, with creative lessons, visiting professional artists, exciting and challenging performances and events, is carefully planned to develop and enhance not only the co-curricular life of the school, but also the academic curriculum.

Research has shown the significance of visual learning for children who are growing up in the modern, digital world. Through visual and performing arts, our students develop language skills, presentation skills, confidence, spontaneity, improvisation and creativity.

As Dehong is a Chinese school, our students learn about traditional Chinese culture. Shakespeare and Chinese drama, contemporary and the classical arts play a fundamental role at the heart of our curriculum.

As sister schools of the Dulwich College International family, Dehong students have the opportunity to work closely with their peers and benefit from the many excellent Dulwich College International arts events, including the Diversity series of visiting artists, the Dulwich Festival of Music, the Dulwich Shakespeare Festival, Shackleton Lectures and much more. Dehong students learn alongside students within the Dulwich International family of schools, forging life-long friendships and enriching their overall learning experience.

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