At Dehong, we have the unique responsibility to educate our students and our community about caring for the planet on which we all rely: the planet our children and grandchildren will inherit. Our relationship with the natural world not only sets an important example for our students but it also reflects our core values. We believe that we have a responsibility to equip our students with the scientific evidence and critical thinking skills required to inform their own decisions, and to empower them to take action to support the environment.

We will provide our students with exciting opportunities, promote enhanced wellbeing through smart design decisions, integrate sustainability into the curriculum, and demonstrate to our students, through our own actions, that their actions really do make a difference in the planet that is facing increasing challenges. In all that we do, we believe that ‘Students Come First’ and that this commitment extends to ensuring that we equip them with the skills and knowledge to act responsibly now and to go on to become the future sustainability leaders. We are committed to creating opportunities for our students to make a difference both at Dehong and within their other communities. We want a commitment to sustainability to become embedded in our students' collective consciousness.  

At Dehong, we encourage students to participate in and develop programmes such as eco-camps for our young students and the Dulwich Climate Conference for Senior School students. We are devoting significant resources to creating and improving our outdoor learning environments. Outdoor learning can reconnect children with the natural world, giving them a deep appreciation for it and an abiding commitment to its preservation. We believe it is our ethical responsibility to support sustainability in the effort to protect the environment for the sake of future generations.   

Our Sustainability Pledges document reflects actions that are already underway, and also represents our commitment to do more. We hope this commitment inspires not only our school community to join us on our sustainability journey, but also encourages other schools to do more to help protect the environment.