Sustainability - Be a Global Citizen丨Dehong Xi'an

November 13th, d'Arcy the creator and partner of Teaspoonsof Change ,was invited to the course of sustainability.

d'Arcy visited more than 90 countries in last 19 years, and spread sustainability by holding more than one thousand courses. He also has the partnership with UNICEF,Gates Foundation, World Health Organization, JUMP Foundation, etc.

He spent a week to discuss about sustainability with students from G1 to G4, and shared the experience of him how to become a global citizen. At the same time, he communicated with teachers and staffs, and offered his suggestions.

Teaspoons of Changes is the way we keep sustainability. We change the attitude of people to save the world.

We will discuss what I could do while remembering the challenges of sustainability, 

  • No wasting water
  • Do not use paper cups
  • Do not kill fish
  • Do adhere to green travel
  • ......

During the discussion between d'Arcy and children,he showed his desire of knowledge, and curiosity of this world.

Children is our future, they will change the world. Every action  and accumulation we make is meaningful and helpful. As future global citizens, they frequently put forward their own ideas in the process of communication with d'Arcy, constantly starting from themselves, thinking about their relationship with school, family, society, country, the world and nature, and constantly discussing "what can I do?"

To make our children become global citizens, we should support sustainability as well. Although the little things won't change the world, but the little things will be more and more important to protect the world.

We should change our mind and thinking in a sustainable way, it will change children's life. I believe nothing could stop them to be happy, healthy and wise. Teaspoons of change could help them to defeat the difficulties in their life.