Creativity & Collaboration: MADD 2024 at Dulwich Shanghai Puxi

Around the end of April, Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi was delighted to host the annual MADD festival, as part of the EiM Worldwise Events programme which brought together 250 students from our EiM family of schools in Shanghai, Suzhou, Seoul, Singapore, Beijing and Xi'an. Showcasing Music, Art, Drama, and Dance, MADD provided a platform for our students to deeply engage in the arts alongside our expert practitioners. 

The festival began on April 24th with the Opening Assembly featuring lively performances from Dulwich Puxi students. Together with guest author Adam Bushnell visiting from the UK, the students turned interactive stories into drama pieces, setting the stage for the immersive experiences to come.


Throughout the festival, students immersed themselves in dynamic workshops tailored to culminate in the grand finale on Saturday. Music workshops united students in orchestras and choirs and introduced the vibrant rhythms of world percussion and carnival bands. Art workshops focused on sustainability, inspiring students to create innovative fashion pieces from recycled materials. Drama sessions saw students dive into myths and legends, honing their storytelling skills for the stage. Meanwhile, dance workshops prepared students with energetic routines from diverse global cultures, ready for the final performances. These workshops not only enhanced artistic skills but also fostered teamwork and creativity.

The culmination of the MADD Festival on Saturday was a showcase of creativity and cultural diversity. The day began with a dragon-led procession and continued with performances celebrating African, Caribbean, and Latin American cultures. The Trashion Show, featuring sustainable fashion crafted by the students, was a standout, reflecting both creativity and environmental awareness. The day ended with impressive drama and dance performances, leaving the audience inspired and eagerly anticipating next year’s festival at Dulwich College Suzhou.


Throughout the MADD Festival, our students not only refined their creative skills but also but also built lasting connections, preparing them for future collaborations and enhancing their readiness for global challenges.

Special thanks to Mr. Haslett, the Creative Arts team, and the Friends of Dulwich committee for orchestrating such a memorable event.