Memoirs of Sep. Eventss丨Dehong Xi'an

New Semester Begins

Time flies, from the first day to now, nearly a month, all children quickly adapt to the big family of Xi'an Dehong, meet more friends, learn interesting knowledge, everyone's face is filled with happy smiles.

Sustainable Development Class Begins

Every Wednesday afternoon, our students from G1 to G4 will participate in the sustainable development curriculum which has Dehong's character. This month, we have launched three times, courses on the topic of "how to classify and dispose of garbage" and "how to protect water resources". 

Children all interacted with teachers and cooperated with friends actively. They participated in some interesting activities, such as "Classify the normal trash" and "Can we only use a small glass of water to wash our hands clean?" Through discussion, playing games, drawing and writing, they deeply felt the importance of protecting the environment and water.

Welcome Party

This welcome party invited all students, parents and teachers to join in. Principle Liu and Principle Neil made wonderful speeches. The students formed into their various Houses to listen to the teachers' explanations on the origin and significance of Yung Wing, Shackleton, Bing Xin and Zhang Qian these four Houses for the first time. After that, students took pictures and printed their own handprints on the banner of their respective House. In the future, students will cooperate and compete in daily learning, competitions, sports and other important activities, and win glory for their House!

Teachers' Day

Today, with the beautiful melody of the song "When I grow up, I become You", Xi'an Dehong's students presented greeting cards and flowers to their teachers before class in the morning, and expressed their heartfelt thanks and respect for their hard work and selfless dedication. G4 students also spontaneously recorded videos in advance, expressing their love and gratitude to Xi'an Dehong and all the teachers, which brought great surprise and touching moments to the teachers on that day. Principal Neil also delivered a speech to express his affirmation and appreciation of the Teachers Team of Xi'an Dehong.

Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration & First Lesson for Parent College

All the students of Xi'an Dehong held a Mid-Autumn Poetry Festival in Chinese class on that day. Class as a unit, we recited classical poems and lyrics about the Mid-Autumn Festival in the library, and some students compiled and sang songs with poems as lyrics. The programs were very diverse and wonderful, which attracted constant applause and cheers on site. In this activity, children felt the warmth, reunion and happiness of the Mid-Autumn Festival, and had a deeper understanding Chinese Traditional Culture.

In the afternoon, Principle Neil also presented a lecture which topic is "How we teach English"  for parents. This is the first lesson of Xi'an Dehong’s Parent College. Neil elaborated on how to learn English effectively and with high quality from the four aspects of listening, speaking, reading and writing, and the content and significance of CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) advocated by Dehong. Everyone listened and recorded carefully, and gained a lot.

The Annual Shackleton Lecture's DEXA Stop

Ash Dykes, an outstanding young adventurer, shared his wonderful journey with the children of Xi'an Dehong in the morning. He also discussed the significance of environmental protection and the importance of courage and perseverance. The children asked Ash many wonderful questions. In the afternoon, Ash and parents also had a communication on exploration, career, environmental protection and growth experience. Everyone had a good session from this event.

Learn How to Tie

This afternoon, Principal Neil and Mr. James gathered the children together to demonstrate the correct method of tying a tie and patiently helped them in the process of how to tie by themselves. After the senior students have learned, they actively took the initiative to act as a young teacher to demonstrate and guide the junior students. This study not only enabled students to successfully master a daily and practical skill, but also promote the children's awareness of helping each other, as well as cultivating the children's ability of independence and autonomy.

ZhiHong Class Begins

On this day, the characteristic course of Xi'an Dehong——Zhihong Class, commenced officially. This semester, the school will offer fifteen courses which are diverse and practice the concept of holistic education. They are: performance, drawing, strategy games, drama, solving math problems, rounders, floor hockey, football, running club, Zumba dance, weaving, creative art, making music, origami and sustainable art. The teachers let students make their own choice according to their hobbies. The children were very excited and they attentively completed the first lesson.

Second Lesson for Parent College

Principal Liu and Principal Neil conducted the second session of "Xi'an Dehong Parent School" for parents. The theme of the lecture was "How do we helpchildren learn at home". Principal Liu and Principle Neil gave a vivid and detailed account of the children's learning and life in school. They interpreted Xi'an Dehong's "holistic education" idea from the aspects of core academics,emotional development, critical thinking skills, conflict resolution skill, hands-on lessons, manners, healthy social skills, and character formation. Principal Neil appealed parents to observe and discover things that interest their children. Through rich and interesting ways to let children learn at home and develop their comprehensive learning ability. 

Confucius Birthday Activities and Chinese National Day Celebration

Today, Xi'an Dehong's teachers and students celebrate the 70th anniversary of the motherland and the anniversary of Confucius' birthday. We launched an activity entitled "Let's tell Chinese stories in the world language". In this activity, the students learned about Chinese food, Confucius and Chinese traditional culture together, and participated in interesting games with foreign teachers. At last, all the teachers and students sang "My Motherland and Me" together affectionately. This event aims to enhance people's sense of identity and pride in traditional Chinese culture and stimulate children's patriotism.