Welcome to the DEXA School Open Day on March 23rd!

DEXA Openday
  • At DEXA, every child is a participant in school development.
  • At DEXA, every child is a contributor to school policies.
  • At DEXA, every child's voice will be heard.
  • At DEXA, every child's uniqueness will be respected.

At DEXA, we always adhere to the educational philosophy of “pioneering spirit, students first, holistic education, and learning community”. Through a comprehensive curriculum system, diverse innovative activities, and exemplary teaching by our teachers who are both morally upright and talented, we cultivate every DEXA student to become a lifelong learner and a future global citizen with a global perspective.

If you also look forward to finding a supportive and encouraging environment for your child's growth, we welcome you to join the DEXA Open Day on March 23rd (Saturday).

All families who identify with the DEXA philosophy are welcome to register.

Open Day Highlights | Schedule for the Day

Principal Meeting

Meet the DEXA Principal face-to-face, where the Principal will share the developmental history and distinctive educational philosophy of DEXA.

Real Classroom Experience

Students will step into real classrooms at DEXA, experiencing the atmosphere of DEXA students' classes and interacting face-to-face with DEXA teachers.

Schol Tour

Admissions staff will take your family on a campus tour, allowing you and your child to experience the atmosphere and environment of the school, understand our teaching facilities, and feel the learning atmosphere.

Meet Student Representatives

On the day of the open house, you will meet student representatives from DEXA, who will serve as guides and commentators during the event. You will also witness the qualities and abilities of DEXA students through them.

Restaurant Tasting

At the end of the open house, you will visit the restaurant to taste the delicious food prepared by DEXA.

Looking forward to you and your child stepping into DEXA's school
Let our story begin from this moment!