Exploring the Unknown Horizon: Dehong Students Look Forward to the New Journey i

The new semester has arrived, bringing with it new hopes and aspirations. As Dehong students, we eagerly anticipate a series of exciting events ahead. These activities not only allow us to showcase ourselves and challenge ourselves, but also enable us to gain growth and memories. Let us look forward to this passionate and vibrant new academic year together, step into these anticipated events, and embark on a brand new journey together.

March | Olympic Summit @ Singapore
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We are about to welcome the Dulwich Olympiad, held every four years. This summit will take place in Singapore from March 18th to 22nd, where students from all Dulwich and DEXA schools will gather to compete in various events. It is not only a sports event but also a cross-cultural exchange and experience. During these days in Singapore, we look forward to sweating and showcasing our talents together with partners from the Dulwich DEXA family, creating glorious moments for Dulwich College International in Xi'an.

Dulwich Olympiad
April | MADD Arts Festival @ Shanghai
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This year's MADD Arts Festival will be held at Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi from April 18th to 20th. It's a creative and passionate artistic feast where we look forward to experiencing the charm of art through music, art, drama, and dance, showcasing our talents and unique charm through the collision of souls.

MADD Festival
May | Xuanzang Road Ultra Gobi Youth Challenge
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Next, we will welcome a true challenge - the Xuanzang Road Ultra Gobi Youth Challenge. In this adventurous journey, we will cross the Moheyanqi Gobi, deserts, grasslands, and lakes, experiencing the magnificent and magical scenery of the desert, feeling the magnificence of nature, and facing the challenges of life, gaining courage and growth. We will compete alongside teams from international schools across the country.

The DEXA team is actively preparing for the competition, looking forward to showcasing their best performance on the field!